Richmond Family Photography session

Richmond Family Photography

So I’ve been a photographer Now for 10 years and for some reason I’m now getting a lot of twins requests, largely newborn twins but also toddler twins, which is really fantastic but very hard work.  As I don’t generally do the sleepy baby in weird poses look (I really think this is a step too far and anyway every other photographer that does newborn photography in London does these highly posed shots) this is fine as actually newborn twins are no harder to shoot than a single newborn.  Natural newborn photography is the way to go, and is, I think, far more individual.

So given another gorgeous set of 2 yr old twins, we went to Richmond Park’s inner sanctum, the Isabella Plantation, which is just like a treasure trove of gorgeousness.  Definitely worth a visit as it’s very different to the rest of Richmond Park in that it’s contained and safe environment for little ones to run around in but there are lots of great trees to climb, a little stream, some ducks on a pond and lots of great places for picnics.  So for a photo shoot, it’s perfect.  These two were really gorgeous and apart from not necessarily wanting to be in the same place at the same time, they were pretty good…

Richmond Family Photography Richmond Family Photography

Susan Porter-Thomas LSWPP Richmond Family Photography

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