Get your family photos printed

OK so as a family photographer in London you might think that it’s much easier for me to sort out the family photos and get them printed but I’m struggling just as much as you.  It takes a great effort of will to take the camera out and create fun moments in order to capture the kids at the various stages of their life so far and to create some sort of heritage by way of photographs.

It’s so important that you get your images printed off the computer so that your children will have something tangible to hand down to their children and to look back on.  I use a company called MyPublisher which is based in the US but still is more competitively priced than much of the UK album market for what it is.  They are lovely hard backed coffee table book albums and once a year I will gather the images I have and create a book so that each year of their lives we have a family album.

I have been a London Children’s photographer now for over 10 years and I know that photo sessions with your own kids should be short and sweet, limit them to 10 mins at a time or the kids will learn to grump as soon as you get the camera out.  I now have the problem of persuading a teenager to come and have his photos taken which requires quite a lot of persuasion and careful timing to make it work.  He’s great with the moody teenager look needless to say.

Of course if you don’t have the time or the inclination to do your own photography and albums then you need to contact a Family Photographer to do it for you…not naming any names of course!!

family album

Put together by Susan Porter-Thomas LSWPP

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