Stress in the mornings

So I know I’m not the only one with children who find it stressful in the mornings trying to get the kids ready for school but this morning seemed to be worse than usual.  So Mondays means early cricket practice for my 13 yr old so we need to be in school by 7.45am… that’s a stretch at the best of times, but this morning, we discovered that Sam had left his cricket  bag at school so couldn’t go in his kit, but had to go in his uniform and then change once in school…so extra time was needed.  Then Jamie (nearly 8) tells me he still has homework to do, which is both english and maths…not his best subject especially when his mentor is REALLY NOT HAVING A GOOD MORNING!

To top it all, it seems that only I have the ability to read a clock in the house, and seeing as my watch is out of order right now, I sort or rely on others and wall clocks to keep me on track.  So of course, husband doesn’t have a clue and I come down after my shower to find nothing has moved on and Jamie still doing his homework and Sam in his underpants…..aggghhh…why why why can’t men think ahead and maybe work out that it takes a 7 yr old a bit of time to do his teeth and put his shoes on etc…and that it’s likely that something will need to be looked for and to allow for this extra this case Sam;’s jumper.  God almighty..I was so stressed by the time I got home from delivering them to school I could have done with a gin!!


Written by Susan Porter-Thomas LSWPP Family Photographer London

A weekend full of baking..

I feel like I’ve had the most amazingly constructive weekend…  We all had a home day yesterday which was fantastically relaxing, I managed to bake some new bread, made some soup, plus a gorgeous curried lamb dish for supper…not only that but I started to make my skirt up.. I’ve got a skirt pattern from which I will hopefully make a stonking skirt to wear at the Jive night in a month’s time.  Well I did get a new sewing maching for christmas…yey..bit complicated but my Mum has been helping me..phew.

Written and imagined by location Family photographer