The Best choir in London

Best Choir in London


For anyone who knows me well, they know that my most precious part of my life outside of my family, is my choir.  I have for the last 20 years sung with the wonderful group of singers known as Canticum Chamber Choir.  We are a group of around 30 who despite mostly being made up of choral scholars, have chosen to go into the world of work rather than music and so we carry on our need to sing in Canticum to a rather high level, in fact I would happily claim we are the best choir in London, not only from the quality of our singing, but to the wonderful mix of people we are made up of, and our fantastic musical director Mark Forkgen.

Best Choir in London
Canticum Chamber Choir – best choir in London at Greenwich Queens House

We are usually around 30 strong, and range in age from 17 to 80, in fact we have one member of our choir who actually sung at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth 2nd!!!  And the youngest member is taking her A-Levels!!  I just love the fact that I can sit next to anyone of our members and enjoy singing together, I can’t believe I have been with them for over 20 years, but I am never leaving, unless they chuck me out!!

We sing around 7/8 concerts a year in and around London but also venture further afield.  You can see our forthcoming London concerts on our website and book tickets.. oh yes all the high tech stuff!

We tackle both classical and modern music and have recently recorded a CD of music composed by Charles Wainwright.  We are involved in a lot of charity concerts through the year including Marie Curie and Livability and sing regularly at the Greenwich Festival in October.

Best Choir in London
Canticum Chamber Choir London at Greenwich Queens House