Should I have a photo shoot at home?

Home – v – Studio photo shoots

I do get a lot of questions about having a home photo shoot as apposed to having a studio photo shoot with your newborn.  It’s difficult for me to say really.  I have done probably 75% of my newborn shoots at peoples homes and the rest in the studio.  This is because people are still getting used to having a little person to look after and actually it’s hard to get organised to get out of the house when you’re exhausted and need so much stuff compared to what you needed a few weeks earlier!!

The big difference is light – natural versus studio.  Now with natural light the images will be more soft, I’ll be using window light so access to a big enough window is essential.  I can usually make a space either on the floor or on a bed in order to get the light I need and unless it’s a really dark day there is enough light for me to work with.

Studio light and backdrops are clearly going to give you a lot more options.  I can create more dramatic and impactful images as there won’t be any clutter in the background and the light can be directed exactly to get the best angles.

To be honest I like both locations.  My West London Photographer studio is in my home and feels very relaxing to be in, close to the kettle and toilet to be easy and not too austere as to make you feel nervous.

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