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It’s party time and Jamie turned 8 this weekend….

It all started a bit wobbly at 6.30am as Jamie woke us up feeling sick… thankfully after a bit of yogurt and some water things settled down, especially at the thought of opening presents came back into his mind.  So he assumed his regal possition on the bean bag and began opening his pile of presents, accumulated over the last few months by me of course.  The only present that his father managed to purchase was a pack of cards…woop de doo!! What is it about men that they can’t think beyond the next day let alone next month and so any sort of forward planning is left up to the women..?  Why?  So friggin annoying.

Anyway, rant over..Jamie then played with his presents, clearly not feeling his usually tigger self, until we had to leave around 11am.  His party this year was at Go Ape, which is a tree top scramble and zip wire thing in the country park of Black Wood.  Great fun and thankfully fantastic weather.  He had 7 friends scrambling around the tree tops whilst I stood doing the photography of course.

Then lunch and this is the bit I’m most proud of, I actually managed to get the right amount of food …  I did chicken wings, mini sausages and mini buns, with some cucumber and then did the cake as pudding..perfect.  No food left apart from a bit of cake.  Very pleased with myself.

Got home and made some cheese scones as my mother and aunt wanted to come over for tea and don’t do sweet things that much.  so got brownie points there…then collapse.  David actually pulled his finger out and made supper…followed by a lot of self praise as the kids ate loads…gee well done that man…you cook one meal out of every 20 and yet clearly you’re amazing..grrr

Anyway, here are a few good photos of the day.  Children at their best up in the trees acting like monkeys..

Blog written by ~Susan Porter-Thomas Children’s Photographer Richmond

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