my own family photos from a family photographer

Deleted files..

So I finally get a day sorted for my own family photo shoot, whereby both my son’s are up for it and in a good mood, and the weather is fine, and my husband isn’t stressed.  We all went to Kew Gardens last weekend and I took a couple of short and sweet shoots one by the pogoda and one in amongst the bluebells.  It was really great, lovely light, no crowds, happy boys etc.

I then had computer issues for 2 days which frustrated the hell out of me as I had 2 of my clients’ shoots to get processed and I couldn’t get them started.  I ended up downloading Photoshop legitimately, yes I’ve been using a dodgy version for 10 years… well it worked, until now.  So I’m now a signed up member of the Adobe family for £8.50 a month (probably forever!!).  I then managed to get my client photoshoots sorted out an online for viewing..phew.

Finally got round to looking at my own family photos, and when I was deleting the rubbish shots, the ones where people were blinking or making strange faces or talking etc, I managed to delete the whole bloomin lot. !!!!  Oh boy.  Of course I don’t save 2 copes of my own photos, as it takes up a lot of space on the hard drive, so I only save 2 copies of my client photos.  I then thought, no of course there will be a version somewhere, my computer man has managed to pull stuff out of thin air on a number of occasions when I thought things were lost.  But no.  Not this time. They were well and truly DELETED.  GRRRRRRR.  So one large gin later, I’m planning another trip to Kew this weekend to capture the boys again and hopefully not with ‘for-gods-sake-get-this-over-and-done-with’ faces on them all.

Wish me luck.  you live and learn!

Susan Porter-Thomas Children’s photoshoots London

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